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What is Ramadan, or Ramazan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar and also the fasting month which ends with the sugar feast. Between dawn and sunset they should not eat, drink, smoke and sex.

What makes Ramadan special in all months that fasting in this month of the pillars of Islam. In many Islamic countries, but also in the Netherlands, it is normal for this time of family and friendship ties to attract extra. The invite each other, visit and hears this break the fast together.
Every year Ramadan comes about 10 days forward on the calendar.

The fast

During Ramadan Muslims eat and drink anything between dawn and sunset. Before dawn, they use a meal 'Sahoor' is mentioned and a meal after sunset that "Iftar" is mentioned. For Sahoor are special, very healthy prepared meals. Iftar dinner for the people of North Africa a thick soup "harira" is mentioned. The fast is broken with dates in Arabic and Arabic coffee, tea and olives in Turkey, in India with sweet milk and fruit drinks.

Only in this era of diet is also clear that non-Muslims fasting is something beneficial besides the spiritual part. Fasting purifies the intestines, the stomach recovers, rid the body of harmful substances remaining excess moisture and helps get rid of that stored. It gives peace to the heart, promote blood circulation and helps to put any nature to come. People familiar with the fast learning are self contained. The annual fasting a Muslim teaching qualities as discipline, endurance, self-respect and respect of others and the creator. Every day there is a solid victory over passions and desires. People who fast feel good and have a sense of inner calm and peace.


Eating by Accident

Only when you consciously eating, drinking (or smoking) between dawn and sunset, the fasting become invalid. If this happens because they had forgotten that we fasted, you just continue fasting.

Eid, Id-al-Fitr

On the 1st day of the tenth month, celebrated the Sugar Festival, Id-al-Fitr (or Eid), the feast of breaking the fast. The end of Ramadan. The exact start depends on the appearance of the crescent of the new Moon.

Eid celebration

On the morning of the first day of the tenth month, Sjawwal, Muslims are asked to: they bathe, clean pull, any new clothes, and make sure they smell nice. So festive they testify that they have fasted one months. After sunrise is something eaten, such as dates or other sweets, indicating that fasting really is over.

Then the people to the meeting place, a mosque or a hall,or an open land for the purpose of the sermon of the imam to listen, that Ramadan is really closed.

Eid can be as long as 3 days.