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Allah (swt)

Within the Islam, There were thousands of Prophets.

The first Prophet was Adam, and the last is Mohammed (saws).
The Qur'an, (or Koran) mentioned 25 prophets.

See Below for the 25 names and information.

25 Prophets:

1 Adam - The first human who was sent to Earth.
2 Idris (Enoch)
3 Nuh (Noah)
4 Hud (Heber)
5 Saleh (Shelah)
6 Ibrahim (Abraham) (Found a holy stone in mecca)
7 Lut (Lot)
8 Ismail (Ishmael) (son of Ibrahim)
9 Ishaq (Isaac) (son of Ibrahim)
10 Yaqub (Jacob) (son of Ishaq)
11 Yusuf (Joseph) (also known from the story "Yusuf and Zulaikha" and son of Yaqub)
12 Shoaib (Jethro)
13 Musa (Moses) - 1st holy book: Torah (or "Tawrat") came with him.
14 Harun (Aaron)
15 Daud (David) - 2nd holy book: "Zaboor/Zabur"
16 Sulayman (Solomon)
17 Ayub (Job)
18 Ilyas (Elijah)
19 Zulkifl (possibly Ezekiel)
20 Al-Yasa (Elisha)
21 Yunus (Jonah)
22 Zakariya (Zechariah)
23 Yahya (John)
24 Isa (Jesus) - 3rd holy book: Bible("Injil") came with him.
25 Mohammed(saws) - 4th (and the last) holy book: Qur'an Sharif came with him.

Peace be upon all of them.