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Islamic Sights / Monuments.
Millions of Muslims goes every year to abroad to view some Islamic sights. For example the "hajj", one of the 5 pillars of the Islam, which means that every Muslim has to go to Mecca if it's possible.


The Ka'aba (also known as Kaäba, Ka'ba)

This is situated in the mosque in Mecca. Other name: Bayt Allah = House of God.
The Muslims always pray in this direction, and walk 7 times around when they are there for the "hajj".


In the Ka'aba is the "al-Hajar-ul-Aswad" also known as the black stone.

"ramy al-jamar"

stone throwingAlso part of the hajj: ramy al-jamar which means: Throwing stone on the Devil.
Muslims throw symbolicly stones to the Devil (wall)

Mount Arafah:

Arafah This is a mountain in the east of Mecca. It is 70 meters in height.
Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, got here the last Sermon.

Masjid Nabawi (mosque)

Masjid Nabawi This mosque is located in Medina, a city in Saudi Arabia.

"Jannat al-Baqi" is located next to it. This is the Islamic cemetery.
The family of Muhammed (sallalahu aleihi wa sallam) is buried here.