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Afghanistan is situated in central-Asia. The neighbors are Pakistan (south-east), Iran (west), Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan (north) and in the final east China. Afghan got a total land boundary of 5500km and a massive area of 647.500km².
The highest point of Afghanistan is the top of the Nowshak mountain. It's got a height of 7486m. The lowest point is the Amu darya on 258m.


Afghanistan has got a steppe climate. That is between dessertclimate and humid climate. The annual rainfall is between 250 and 450mm. There are little trees and shrubs. The difference between the highest and lowest temperature could be as high as 90°C (194°F). The temperatures in the winter get -25°C and the summertemperatures can get easily to 46°C. The are often dust storms in 160km/h (= 99.42MPH) in desserts.

Natural hazards and Phenomena

Earthquakes are very often caused by the (Hindu Kush) mountains in Afghanistan. Thats because of eart's plate tectonics which also made up the mountains. Flooding is very harmful because less houses in Afghanistan are made out of good concrete. The establishment is also very bad.

Natural resources

Afghanistan got a wide variation of natural resources including: natural gas, coal, copper, silver, gold, sulfur, iron, salt.
The Russians already knew this and stole natural gas for use in the USSR. Now other countries like China bought gassites from Afghans which is good for the Afghan economy.
There are also gemstones in the mountains and ground.


Afghanistan has less trees, unlike that Afghans can cultivate plenty of edible plant crops. We have got thinks like hazel, walnut, olives and lemons.
This is possible because of the variate of heights.
The bad thing is that Afghanistan has got a great temperature climate to cultivate opiates. The taliban is taking advantage of this. At least 93% of the total opiates of the world market is made in Afghanistan.