Mountain ranges in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan has got some nice and high mountain ranges so here the info:
Hindu Kush:
This mountainrange is very populair. It is located in between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The helmand river gets its water and stream of these mountains.
Now there are tunnels and passes made which made passing the mountains a lot easier. The highest point is 7690m. The others are between 4,500 to 6,000m high. This range also contains mountains like Koh-i Baba, Salang, Koh-i Paghman and Siah koh.

Pamir mountains in Afghanistan

Pamir range:
This range is made by several mountains together. It contains Hindukush mountains, Tianshan, Karakoram and Kunlun.
These mountains are located in the east of Afghanistan near China. It covers whole central asia. These mountains extend to Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan.
There is very little vegetation on these mountains because of the bad weather. These mountains are always covered with snow. The amount of glaciers makes this range very dangerous.