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kishmish panir

Kishmish panir is just panir (selfmade cheese) with raisin (kishmish). The Afghans use it with tea.

-Milk from the milkman
so recent from a cow and not from packages.

Try to get milk from the milkman. You need a big quantity of milk for a little cheese.
Warm op 10Litres of milk until it boils. A big cooking pot will be easy.
When it boils, just add 150ml of Vinegar to it. There will be a reaction.
It gets a suspention.
Now get a sac and put a towel above it. (you are going to filter it).
Pour the milk in the towel so it filters the cheese. Keep the bag under it so the residu (basicly vinegar and other liquid) gets in the sac.
You only need the filtered cheese in the towel. Now let the cheese in the towel for 2 hours so the liquid can escape.
Get a bowl filled with water and put the cheese you made in it and put it in the fridge.
The next morning you can get the cheese out of it and cut it in pieces. Get the raisin and some tea and relax.