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Crim roll Cream rol

Crim Roll also known as Creme Rol, Kirimrol or cream rol, some Afghans don't know how to make so here it is. It is quite easy.It is just a tube of bread with some whipped cream inside it.

Ingredients: (depends on how much you want)
-1kg flour
-2 eggs
-1glass of salad oil
-1block of yeast (4cmx4cmx4cm)
-powdered sugar

First what you have to do is mixing 2 eggs with 1glass of salad oil, the block of yeast and 1kg of flour. Just mix it by hand.
After that, let it rest for half an hour. Make some balls of it like the size of your fist.
Make your balls a really flat square. Like 1.5mm.
Use a knive to cut the square in strips of 3cm.
Try to make aluminium staffs. (click for picture)
Now you have to rotate the strips you made around the aluminium staffs.

Let the oven heat up for like ten minutes.
Now put the pipes you made (with the aluminium) in the oven. The time depends on how high you've put you oven. So it could be always different. Just get it out when it hardens, or gets a bit yellow. It could take 10/30 minutes.
crimroll in oven
While it's in the oven, take a mill, a morter or something else to smash the pistachio and cardamom in little pieces or rather powder.

Get it out the oven and sprinkle powdered sugar, pistachio and cardamom while its still hot.
Try some different quantities. And finally when it's cooled down put the cream in it.

That's it!